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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

All The Little Things

It's amazing how all the little things can make a big impact when planning for an event. Think about the last big family gathering you hosted or event you helped run at work. It's always the little things that end up adding up to big success or contribute to rough experiences.  Not picking up your new suit at the cleaners or leaving your phone sitting on a desk (been there).  Or forgetting something small like a prefeeder or the mainsail battens.  The small things can have big impact.  I know the risks are higher here and magnified by how separated we will be. You can always take a taxi back to the hotel to grab your phone...

Freaky things can happen last minute as well. I was sad to hear a prospective crewmate was thrown from a horse this past weekend in
Europe injuring his ribs -- making a passage across the northern Atlantic a considerably more dangerous and potentially painful endeavor. But as that door closes, another opens.  My friend Andrew Sayre from Saunderstown will be joining me on this Transatlantic race.  Andrew and I have raced a bit and managed to win a few regattas on John Hammels’ Elan -  a Beneteau First 36.7, USA51920. 
I am very happy to have Andrew with me, not only because he is a good sailor, but a really great guy. It will be good fun to have him along.

Now if only I can remember where I put my.... (insert any number of the hundreds of things I am trying to pin down before we leave Sunday).

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  1. Good luck buddy, been there myself Maine to Tortola. Take lots of pics.