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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


My Dad recently wrote me a note reminding me of another memorable spot in Ireland I am passing by.  When we traveled there as a family, we went to small pub called O´Sullivans in Crookhaven on the South West coast.  While sitting on the patio we found ourselves watching a sheep dog (who´s name we later found out was Fado) bark and run around the patio.  After watching this little guy for a while we figured out what all the activity was all about -- he was ´herding´ a stray cat and any unsuspecting bird that happened along his little patio.  It was quite fun to watch him work.  A bit later on a small child walked onto the patio and Fado decided he would herd him as well!  He ended up having a cat and a small boy herded into the corner keeping a close eye on them.  Quite fun.

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