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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Whale Ho!

Yesterday was a pretty spectacular day out here.  After about 7 hours of sleep I came on deck where Tom had set up his iPod and a set of speakers and was listening to a New Zealand band called Black Seeds (a kind of Reggae jam band). They had also rigged a sun shade over the helm turning the after deck into a sun porch.  It was blowing about 20kts and was sunny with just a little chop.  I was on the Starboard side next to the mizzen when I saw what looked like a puff of smoke at about 1 o´clock heading down the side of Nordwind in the opposite direction.  As it got closer, it continued to blow and was ID´d as a Pilot Whale.  A smaller whale about 20-25 ft long with a bulbous head.  It actually turned and looked at us as it passed by only 60 or so feet away from us.  A really cool thing to see.

Today looks like we are in for the same conditions as the squalls have not come into play.  My shift was from 5-9am and we spent the morning surfing down 20 ft waves.  It is a pretty amazing feeling driving this 88ft, 70 ton ship down these, but you really don´t get a sense of it until you go to the bow and really feel the power and momentum of this boat.

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